Wonder Volume 1 [Trance Mix]

You asked for it, and you got it! Here is Wonder Volume 1, featuring 12 Trance tracks all 138 or above except for 1! I hope you enjoy this one, I kept it rather short at just an hour long so you can enjoy often. Look for more Volumes coming out every month or two now. What do you want next?


01. Macro V vs Signum – Lost World Anthem 2017 (Extended Mix)
02. Matt Bukovski – Legenda (Extended Mix)
03. John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney – Exactly (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
04. Talla 2XLC and Indecent Noise meet Hypetraxx – The Darkside (Extended Mix)
05. Bjorn Akesson – Circles (Extended Mix)
06. Activa – Luminosity (Extended Mix)
07. Alex M.O.R.P.H and Heatbeat – Shenlong (Extended Mix)
08. The Noble Six – Firewalker (Extended Mix)
09. A.R.D.I. and Lucien – Near Darkness (Extended Mix)
10. Cold Rush – Floating (Extended Mix)
11. Mark Sixma – Destiny (Extended Mix)
12. David Forbes – Panic Room (Original Mix)

Download Link: http://www.colemanhamilton.com/Wonder01.mp3

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You asked… You will get!

Thanks to everyone for the recent post and poll I did on my Twitter account. I asked you what type of music do you want me to create next. It was a close poll but the winning sub genre was Electro House. I will be working hard over the next few weeks to make this happen. I’m looking at right now a November release for it. The next poll will be what do you want the track to be called, so look out for that soon! Keep up the downloads and listens on Spotify and here on all my work. If you’re not connected to me on Twitter yet, click HERE!


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